Lesley-Jo Thompson moved with her family fromSouthampton to Teignmouth in 2000, whilst expecting her fourth child, and it ishere she has lived and worked ever since. In 2009 after 20 years of bringing upher family, she decided to fulfil a promise to herself to go back intoeducation, and study towards a career in creative industry. As she had spentmany years painting and selling her work within Devon and voluntarily workingon the board of the Devon Artist Network, she felt ready to take the next step.
After being accepted into Plymouth College of Art onthe extended degree course, Lesley-Jo was introduced to photography, where it verysoon became apparent she had a natural flair for the subject.
As a digital-based photographer Lesley-Jo finds immediacy,which was never available to her as a painter. With her photographic work sheestablishes narratives that set the scene and interpret through the use ofimagery the true essence of her given subject. The idea she's painting withlight and recording movement in an instant or over time, reveals transition asa recurring theme within her work.
Lesley- Jo’s work is drawn from her fascination with thePre-Raphaelite movement especially Edward Byrne-Jones, which has spanned alifetime. She was first introduced to his work by her mother, who would takeher to Southampton Art Gallery  when shewas a toddler
 “I remember lying in the middle of thegallery as a small child and spinning myself on the shiny parquet flooring likea top, and where I stopped and my head was pointed was the picture I would sitand immerse myself in ”  recalls Lesley-Jo. ”Even as a young child I understoodthe romance and excitement from Byrne-Jones paintings, the way he invited hisaudience to walk with him through the world of Greek mythology and share itsawe inspiring splendour ”.
Within her work Lesley-Jo tries to create that sameconnection to her subject - evoking the same feelings of wonder and passionthat she had felt when looking at those beautiful paintings as a child.Inviting the audience to create their own narrative and transport themselves totheir own private world of fantasy.


image © copyright Matt Elliot 2010
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